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"Wearing sexy shoes is one of the best things about being a girl and the higher the heel - the better! On stage & off, I have lived and loved my life in heels, so I know a thing or two when it comes to shoes! 

Zeynep is truly an artist, her Zeyzani boots & heels are fabulous works of art. Every pair I've had has been made extraordinarily well with fine quality materials, very comfortable and BEAUTIFUL!"



Stella Parton

International Award Winning Singer, Songwriter & Actress


"...I have to tell you EVERYONE complimented on those knee high [ZEYZANI] boots on Friday, from fans to the press - all her [Stella Parton] sisters [Dolly Parton, Willadeene, Cassie, Frieda, and Rachel Parton] were in love with them too!


We can't thank you enough for being so wonderful!.." 


Michael Price

Price Music Nashville, TN

"Several years ago, I was searching online for a Suzani style boot. I came across the Zeyzani site and fell in LOVE with the pictures. I had some questions so I went in search of questions or comment page. Low and behold,the site had a phone number, so I called it AND, a live person answered the phone!!! The person on the other end was helpful, patient and kind. I didn't realize I had reached the actual Designer/owner of these beautiful creations. Anyway, I ordered a limited edition boot and received it a couple of days later. You would have thought that was the end of the service, but it wasn't! A couple of days later, I received a call asking how I liked the boots and if they fit well. It was Zeynep, calling to make sure I was 100% HAPPY! I was but more than that, I was amazed at the genuine concern, that I was satisfied. Since that first encounter, I have worked with Zeynep and her staff at least 50 or more times. She has personally taken care of not only me, but my 84 year old Mom and my sister. I continually feel as though I am the only customer she has to deal with each and every time I speak to her. I get EXACTLY what I want every time. Her business mind and level of service not only from her but also her staff, is above and beyond any thing I have ever experienced. One thing I might add, is Zeynep is not just an amazing, talented woman, she is also a wonderful wife, and a mother to a very busy 3 yr old daughter. She is a leader to me so it would only make sense for me to incorporated some of her customer service methods into my Real Estate business! It would be easy for some people to say she is beautiful so things come easy to her. I can attest to the fact that she fought hard and shed a few tears to accomplish what she has today! I will end by saying, I started as a customer, however, over the years, Zeynep has become a role model and a good friend. Just order a pair of boots, you'll see what I mean."

Carla Sharpe
San Diego, CA

"...I was in your store today and was in heaven.  Your style and taste is so refreshing and your inspiration is something that is close to my heart... I believe that you think outside of the box and are extremely intelligent and creative... There is great karma in your store. Thank you!"



Jinger Cahill


South Jersey


"I was in love with a pair of boots that Zeyzani did not have in stock. Even though Z was all the way in Turkey designing her Winter line, she took the time to make sure I have "the" Zeyzani pair and with the help of her team back in the USA, I did get "the" Zeyzani pair I am in love with!.. Z, your Zeyzani line is out of this World, and it is not about the materials you use, it is about YOU, your designs and the customer service that you provide! You don't just take an extra mile, you take extra hundred miles to take care of your customers! What a refreshing experience! Thank you! And needless to say... I am MADLY in love with my "first" pair of Zeyzani boots!!!..."


Kayla Rovski


San Diego, CA


"I was in your store today and I must say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the black ankle boots I purchased.  I've been walking around the house in them.  They are a work of art.  These are my first pair of Zeyzani's, but they won't be my last!

You are my new best friend!

In awe of your talent, I am!"


Joanne Straub


Philadelphia, PA

"Well the Devil may wear Prada and give the Devil her due, but alongside the Glamazon in Zeyzani she just doesnt stand a chance; ladies get ready to slip your pins into the hottest footwear sensation that is taking America and Europe [and now Australia] by storm. Whether you choose sexy over-the-knee, knee-high, short, cowboy, high heel, short heel Zeyzani, there is one thing for certain youre gonna get noticed!!!"


Anya Loud 

Parramatta New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

"I so admire Zeynep's commitment to her customers. I custom ordered a pair of cuban heel Zeyzani boots and Zeynep made sure that the boots were of the highest quality and that they reached me safely. She let me know what was happening every step of the way and that was very reassuring. I am delighted with my new boots and cannot recommend Zeynep's Zeyzani boots and personalized service highly enough!"


Elizabeth Wade

Waupaca, WI

"I love my ZEYZANI boots! Zeynep spent hours with me answering my questions, sending me images of different boots online. In the end, I bought 2 pairs and they were shipped on the same day of my purchase and I received them in about a week in France! I can't wait to get my 3rd pair of Zeyzani!!!"


Cora Lefevre 

Grignon, FRANCE

"Every woman should have a pair of the Zeyzani Boots Z sells in her store.. Georgous!!! They are the sexiest things I've ever owned; and surprisingly they are comfortable too.. Z also has beautiful copper and silver jewelry, great decor and many gifts that you can get for your loved ones this Holiday Season! Beautiful store..."


Celine Lane

Cherry Hill, NJ

"ZEYZANI online is the perfect place to shop for Zeyzani boots.  "Z" goes above and beyond to accommodate her customers!  It is so nice to deal with a company that understands the meaning of customer service, thank you!"

Jenny White 


"My Zeyzani shoes arrived today and I LOVE them! They fit perfectly, thanks to your help and advice, and are so beautiful! The heel is exactly what I wanted and the cut of the upper is very comfortable. As to the fabric and colors, the pink flower at the toe done in raised 'pamuk' embroidery is especially lovely! The quality of the shoes is simply outstanding and I know I can expect to wear them for years. Thank you again so much!" 


Elizabeth Wade

Waupaca, WI

"Zeyzani boots are just wonderful and comfortable. I get compliments everytime I wear them and I enjoy wearing them every day when the weather permits. I really appreciate the owner/designer's commitment to excellence and the design of each shoe and boot. I am a very happy and satisfied customer."


Roberta Black

Dallas, TX


"...Zeynep, the designer and owner of the company is as unique as her product. She is amazing to work with and has always gone above and beyond to make sure I had exactly what I wanted.  Zeynep and her team are tops when it comes to their devotion to customer service!!!!  

Regardless if its the boots, sandals, pumps or flats you are wearing, the look is beautifully unique and the comfort is top of the line.  Big THANKS and Lots of LOVE to Zeynep and the entire team of Zeyzani who have taken such good care of me over the years!!!" 

Carla Sharpe
San Diego, CA

"...I ordered a specific pair of boots for my wife for Christmas. The next day I received a polite and apologetic email from Zeynep personally, saying that my wife's size was out of stock, and an offer to help with an exchange, a refund, or in any other way. 

Many vendors would have stopped there, but Zeynep then scoured her inventory in my wife's size, and gathered and sent me pictures, prices and descriptions of similar boots. When none of those were quite right, her team called other locations and sources, in some cases personally visiting them!  Over the next 3 days we exchanged much correspondence and many more pictures. After an exhaustive, over-and-above-the-call-of-duty effort, they found me the perfect boots - even better than my original choice! I was assured of super quick delivery at no extra charge, AND, on top of that, was sent two complimentary gifts for my trouble - when in fact it was no trouble at all for me - just an exemplary buying experience.

In short - stellar company, stellar representative.

Thanks, ZEYZANI!"


Dan Serafini

DSMP Music Productions


"I saw Zeyzani boots in a privately held fashion show at a club opening in Milan and fell in love with them at first sight. I emailed Zeyzani the same evening and Zeynep (owner) handled my order personally till the end. Although I have seen embroidered boots before, I have never seen or touched any other boots like the Zeyzani boots. Zeyneps designs are so modern and yet traditional with the materials she uses ethnic to her own country, what a combination! I love my Zeyzani boots and the sandals I got. It was a very easy transaction and arrived here [Italy] in less than a week! Thank you Zeynep for creating such wonderful designs and sharing your culture with the rest of the World!"



Milan, ITALY


"...My boots and purse are absolutely gorgeous! I am beyond pleased. I can't wait to wear them and I will send a picture. And YOU young lady, you are drop dead gorgeous too. Talented and beautiful, good for you. Thank you so much for your exceptional customer service and great products!"


Sue Recko


Albuquerque, NM

"Zeynep's unique vision in bringing her culture and fashion into our society changes lives! In times like these, we need some fun, color and innovative designs! Zeynep works so hard in her business.. Even though I am in California, I received the best customer service I could ever get. There is not another woman out there as unique as Zeynep herself!! When I purchased my Zeyzanis, my husband was deployed at war. Zeynep did not stop her customer service by just sending my pair of boots, she made sure that I was ok afterwards, sent cards and prayed for us. Tell me, who does that these days?!"


Cristina Rivera


San Diego, CA

"I found Zeyzani boots online and fell in love with them at first sight. I contacted Zeynep via e-mail and her response time was amazing, she got back to me within minutes and provided me with bunch of options to choose from. In the end my two friends, my nieces and I ended up buying boots online from her. She shipped the boots the same day of our orders and emailed us confirmations; she followed the shipments throughout and let us know the status. The boots came in very quickly! We are extremely happy with our Zeyzani boots and the wonderful customer service we received from Zeynep. Thank you Zeynep for this beautiful line: ZEYZANI!!!"


Analia Millan


Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

"Every single time I have worn my Zeyzani boots, at least one stranger has stopped me in the street and asked where I got my wonderful boots.  Part of me wants to keep it a secret and part of me wants to spread the joy.  And joy is what I get from looking at and wearing these boots.  Zeynep was infinitely accommodating and helpful as I narrowed down my choices from about 10 to the final pair, and after I finally decided, they arrived promptly in thoughtful packaging with the quality, color, and comfort promised.  Zeynep knows what real customer service is. "


Kristin Lingren

Chicago, IL

"Thanks for the incredible boots.  They are the most beautiful item of clothing that I own.  I wore them to a restaurant today and every person in the place turned to look at them.  The waiter even asked me where I got them.  I love them!  I wore them with a basic black halter dress and they made the outfit.  I only wish I had nicer looking knees and thighs to do them justice.  Thanks for the great deal, AMAZING service, quick shipping (even in a blizzard), and for helping connect me with the most unique article of clothing I will ever own!  Can't wait to wear them on Valentine's Day."


Elise Passentino

Great Falls, VA 

"...I just now was able to open the latest delivery of boots and bags...  OH MY GOSH!!!  It is like Christmas morning every day I receive one of your deliveries.  I know I say the same over and over, but I cannot get enough of them.  And the socks- fabulous!!  The bags are gorgeous.  I am having a private party in the shop Friday night so I cannot wait to show off the new items!!  I know I will have  customers/party goers who will melt when they see these!  Thanks as always!.."


Lauren BP

Zeyzani Wholesale Customer


Athens, GA

"I am thrilled with my Zeyzani Boots and Bag that I purchased on-line from Zeyzani!  The personal attention I received when I called the store to ask a question was wonderful.  Zeynep's team sent many other pictures of the items I was interested in, and was so helpful.  I received my order within two days.  Amazing quality and amazing designs!"


Geni McKee

Asheville, NC

"Zeyzani boots are indeed the sexiest cultural item that I own in my wardrobe, and I own many. They are so comfortable that I cooked a five course, five hour Christmas Eve Dinner in them without ever needing to take them off." 


Dawn Kline

Washington Township, NJ

"I would like to say that living half way across the world; I fell in love with Zeyzani boots. Not only are they comfortable and true to size but you all accommodate with the cut and style…Your service is just first class and there is always a follow up to see if the boots have arrived and how I liked them. Your accessories are just as beautiful and make a statement like your shoes. Thank you for having the talent to produce such beautiful items that makes us all look amazing. Keep up the good work!"


Angela Elliott

MountDruitt, AUSTRALIA


"These shoes [Zeyzani Green Dare Green Pumps] would are a gorgeous selection for evening footwear. The sparkle and eye catching bright green resemble emeralds are you walk. I had a lot of fun wearing my Zeyzani pumps and received many compliments. I felt elevated to a new level of one-of-a-kind fashion"


Katrina Lomidze



"I would like to thank you for the [Zeyzani] boots; they arrived on Monday and they are so BEAUTIFUL. Thank you once again for the estensive customer service your team showed me. They went above and beyond for me to find the perfect boots! And thwy were right, the boots are much better than in the picture. Thank you so much again!"


Milan Laurencik

Povazska Bystrica, SLOVAKIA

"...Zeyzanis are fabulous and unique boots, and whenever I wear them, I get compliments from strangers on the street. As a lawyer, I wear them to court, and these boots are noticed by everyone. They are comfortable, stylish, and beautifully crafted. They allow me to indulge in Turkish culture, and it feels wonderful. Zeynep is an honest and charming person, and she is wonderful to share this part of her heritage with us.  These are fabulous boots, and have survived the New England winter so far.  I think these boots are for anyone that wants something different, colorful, and comfortable. I recommend her 100%."


Lise Gescheidt

Providence, RI

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