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"..Every human being is a beautiful creation, one of a kind, work of art, and I strive to make my collection reflect that!”


– Zeynep Yurderi, Designer & Owner

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ZEYZANI is and remains the original brand to use suzani fabric and traditional Turkish textiles in modernized boot and shoe designs, which many companies have tried to imitate but can never compare to the beauty, quality, and personalized service that ONLY ZEYZANI can deliver. 

ZEYZANI was formed with the vision of creating wearable art from the soul, to elevate any woman to the center of attention.  As Rumi stated: “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”  “This line is not about the fashion; it’s all about the woman –joyful, unique, sexy, and not dominated within the confines of any mold!” states Zeynep Yurderi, the designer and owner of ZEYZANI. 


In 2007, Yurderi made the decision of pursuing her passion for designing fashions that embody the ancient designs of Central Asia where she was born and raised, and modernizing them to create tomorrow’s fashions.


Yurderi always carried through her youth a dream of designing and ZEYZANI is the culmination of that dream, “From a very young age, I’ve loved shoes!  I think I was 7 when I got a pair of black suede ankle strap shoes with little heels and rainbow-colored butterfly embroidery on the front, and that was it, I was in love!”


The ZEYZANI name is derived from Yurderi’s first name [Zeynep] and the fabric name suzani, hand-stitched silk by artisans in Uzbekistan, with vibrantly colored motifs of tulips, paisleys, pomegranates, grapevines and other designs from ancient Greece and the Ottoman Empire.


All ZEYZANI boots, shoes and bags are made of top quality materials and delicately hand-embroidered with bold, prismatic colors, highlighting a new wave of bohemian chic.  This line marks a new era in style marked by romance, exoticism, and exclusivity with every step.  Each pair is a one-of-a-kind work of wearable art. 


In 2009, Yurderi made it official and hung up her business suits as a director for a pharmaceutical marketing company and established her very first retail boutique, named  Z’s Treasures in downtown Haddonfield, New Jersey.


Yurderi believes that every woman is sexy, confident and unique, and all they need to do is tap into that feeling and create their own trends.  “Sexiness is not a way of dressing – it’s a way of thinking” Yurderi states.  “It’s how a woman carries herself through the day-to-day living of her life. And through my designs, I aim to make every woman feel as they deserve as if they are the center of attention no matter where they go.”


“I’ve had an amazing time so far helping women increase their self-awareness and discover their inner sensualist through my boots,” shared Yurderi.  “I’ve always believed that women are at their peak when they feel and look sexy.  With that sexiness comes confidence, especially when it emanates from such beautiful hand-crafted pieces of art.  My pieces are not about making a fashion statement…they’re simply a personality statement.”


Yurderi loves to see women’s reactions as they see, feel and experience her boots – the way the embroidery catches their eye; the way the fabric wraps around their legs; and especially how women feel once they try on a pair and take a few steps in them.


In 2011, Yurderi, due to her successes at such an early age, was chosen "Super Woman of the Year" by South Jersey Magazine. Also this year, she extended the image of confidence and fun represented in the Zeyzani Collection to children.  Bringing out her inner child for Zeyzani Kids, Yurderi continued the tradition by channeling all the rich colors and embroidery into a collection for children to inspire children to love fashion, style, and quality in their shoes as much as she does. This year, Yurderi also helped a couple of entrepreneurs create a private label brand, who today, successfully sells Yurderi's designs under their own private brand name in the United States. 


In 2012, Yurderi started designing for famous names including Dolly Parton and Whoopi Goldberg. Dolly Parton wore her first Zeyzani pair in her surprise appearance in Bachelorette, Season 8 Episode 3 with Emily Maynard. 


This year, Yurderi also announced her Zeyzani Men’s Collection’s release, which has quickly become a fashion statement for Men. Her Zeyzani Men’s collection debuted at a fashion show held in Barcelona, Spain.


In 2014, Yurderi opened her ZEYZANI Flagship Store in Moorestown Mall, Moorestown, NJ and debuted her Kaftan Coat collection that was inspired by the Ottoman Empire fashion for the Sultans’ wardrobe. Yurderi once again modernized this tradition to create tomorrow’s fashions. Also this year, Money-fax highlighted Yurderi as one of the best young entrepreneurs of the year with its one-on-one interview in October.

In 2015, ZEYZANI was rewarded with the Best of 2015 in the Wholesale & Retail Boutique category in Northeast America.


In 2017, Yurderi, due to her successes before 40, was awarded "40 Under 40" by New Jersey Business Association.

In 2019, ZEYZANI was rewarded with the Best of 2019 as the BEST BOOT STORE in Northeast America.


In 2021, As it did to many lives and businesses, the Covid19 Pandemic also changed daily business for Yurderi. ZEYZANI Flagship store closed in 2020. After the World was shut down for months in 2020, come January 1st, 2021, ZEYZANI switched its business model to all custom and started serving its clients with their custom boots needs, such as with larger or slimmer calf boots. This new business model allowed ZEYZANI clients to design their own boots with the award-winning designer Zeynep Yurderi one on one and create one-of-a-kind pairs only for themselves. The ZEYZANI Website remains open and intact and customers could still order the pre-designed boots but most clients including wholesale clients of ZEYZANI choose to design their own styles with Yurderi in this new business model. 

In 2022, Yurderi was invited as a panelist to SJ Magazine's Annual Empowerment Women Series and shared the stage with 4 other amazing business women where they talked about Passion, Purpose, and Paycheck and what brought them success in the business world.


Today, ZEYZANI manufactured footwear, under ZEYZANI Brand and many Private Label Brands can be found in over 100 boutiques in the United States and over 30 boutiques across Europe and Australia combined. ZEYZANI also offers Mediterranean jewelry, accessories, furniture, and clothing to wholesale buyers.


“We will always have new designs and new fabrics, but my inspiration behind choosing any particular color or design starts with a passion to create a connection between the pair of boots and the customer who will wear them.  Every human being is a beautiful creation, one of a kind, work of art, and I strive to make my collection reflect that!” – Zeynep Yurderi, Designer & Owner


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