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Great news!

We have some exciting news! ZEYZANI has recently partnered with Sebastian McCall jeans! These comfortable fitting jeans come in a variety of shades and styles. Sebastian McCall jeans are sure to compliment your ZEYZANI boots and shoes. Your combination possibilities are endless! In the photo to the left, we paired the light blue jeans with our knee high Cowboys. In the middle, we paid the dark jeans with our black One of a Kind knee high riding boots. Lastly, we combined the ripped jeans with our Nude Cuban Heel knee high boots. It does not end there! You can mix-and-match the boots and still look flawless. Our Nude Cuban Heel knee high boots will also look great with the light jeans, while the black One of a Kind knee high riding boots will also fit perfectly with the ripped jeans. Be sure to post the outfits you've created and tag us!

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