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HARVEST Seasonal Grill NOW OPEN - next to ZEYZANI at Moorestown Mall

Dave Magrogan opened the fifth location of Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar - next to ZEYZANI at Moorestown Mall - on March 16.

Harvest 7,200 square feet, with 220 seats in its dining room, 50 seats in the bar, a 50-seat private dining room, plus 30 seats on an outside patio and at two chef’s tables. It draws suburbanites by the SUV-load: Most dishes are under 500 calories, ingredients are locally sourced (sample menu here), and the wine, beer and cocktail lists are extensive.

Besides Harvest, Magrogan owns the brands Kildare's, Red Star Craft House, Barra Rossa, Doc Magrogan's, and Harvest.

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