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For All Custom Orders:

  • Please go over our web site for selections of styles, materials and heels – Options are also given in writing below on this page for your review.

  • The custom order fee is $45 for any style.

  • We can also custom make your boots with your calf circumference measurements. Whether you have slender calves or athletic ones, we can custom make your boots cut to fit and flatter your legs. If you need a special order with your calf circumference measurements, there will be an additional fee of $45 for any customized calf circumference boot.

Please note, custom orders are not a part of our online automated ordering system. Because of our one of a kind nature of business; we want to make sure you get what you are in love with. Therefore, after choosing your options of your custom pair, please email or call us at 856.979.6096 with your order details and we will confirm and finalize your order via email/phone. Pricing varies depending on the selections you make. All custom orders are final sale. Thank you for being the reason for our success!

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