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Jeni Elizabeth,the Celebrity & TV Fashion Stylist, Hollywood,CA:“I am obsessed with these floral Converse from Zeyzani…”

Posted by Z on 5/7/2012 to HOT OFF THE PRESS

About Jeni Elizabeth: Celebrity and TV FashionStylist, Jeni Elizabeth is based in Los Angeles, California and has trainedunder some of Hollywood’s best. With over 7 years of experience, her stylingcan be seen on such stars as Carrie Underwood, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton andMarissa Jaret Winokur. Jeni’s work is everywhere from fashion look books, musicvideos, and celebrity editorials, to some of the hottest Network RealityTelevision Shows. Along with these projects, she also enjoys styling herprivate clients for all occasions.

With an education from FIT in Fashion Merchandising, Marketing and Design, Jeniwent on to work at New York’s legendary Boutique, Henri Bendel, where she ranthe women’s department for three years. It was there that she met MichaelPalladino, the man that would influence her to become one of Hollywood’s bestand hardest working stylists in the industry.

Jeni is quickly becoming the “Must Have” in everyone’s fashionable closetbefore an event. Her fun and crazy personality make her a delight to work withand an instant favorite amongst all her clients. Her passion and devotion areimmediately evident and inspire everyone around her. Jeni’s love for her craftgives her the ability to make anyone feel absolutely amazing about themselvesafter just ten minutes with her. There is no doubt that Jeni is making her markon the Red Carpet with her smile and talent.

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