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Ankle Peep Toe Stiletto Zeyzani

Part Number ANKSUSTOL-1
Ankle Peep Toe Stiletto Zeyzani
Ankle Peep Toe Stiletto Zeyzani
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Yurderi's One of a Kind Ankle Peep Toe Stiletto Zeyzani boots sport a 5 inch stiletto heel and have quickly become a fashion sensation. Zeyzani One of a Kind Line are all made of suzani fabric, which is a type of embroidered and decorative tribal textile made in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries. Hand-woven fabrics are used for the embroidery foundation cloth. These fabrics are woven in narrow strips. Most current-day pieces are a silk/cotton blend: a silk warp is most usual, with cotton wefts. In some satin-weave pieces the weft is also silk. Occasional ground fabrics are all cotton, especially for pieces expected to get hard use, such as horse covers. The fabrics are often lightly dyed to produce a soft beige tint--a so-called "tea wash." Occasionally other colors are used for the ground fabrics. The Suzani fabric is then shipped to Istanbul, Turkey, where they are crafted with Yurderis boot designs. Because the Suzani fabric is hand-stitched, every pair of Zeyzani boots is one-of-a-kind, no two are alike. You will love the way you feel in them! Every beautiful one of a kind Zeyzani is unique, no two are identical. If we do not have the exact design you ordered in stock as shown, we will contact you and then e-mail you the styles currently available in our stock. We receive shipments on a weekly basis and our inventory turns over quickly. If you are set on a particular Zeyzani design, we could get you the most similar design in your selection of style at no additional cost. These orders would be considered custom and they can take up to four-six weeks for delivery. Please make sure to review our Terms and Comditions: http://www.zeyzani.com/Terms-and-Conditions_ep_2-1.html before placing your order. Thank you for choosing Zeyzani!
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